Due to the current COVID-19 Protocols, we do not currently have in person children’s church. We do however, have a great program that launches every Sunday at 8AM on our YouTube channel. Scroll down to see our CED ONLINE Program

CFOC’s children’s ministry is comprised of 3 age groups at this time. How you deliver the message each week to these four different age groups will look different, as they are all at different stages of development. However, they will not all have different messages. We as a church are moving forward in unity and oneness!

Nursery (Ages 0-3)

Pre-school (Ages 3-5)

Elementary (Ages 5 – 10)


Nursery: Within our Nursery we have some toys, that are age appropriate. We also have a carpeted floor, where the children can gather and sit and listen to the leader each week. This safe space is a place to keep the children engaged with the message for the day, with a period at the end of each class for play time.

Pre-School: Within our pre-school room we have tables, a television and a small carpeted area where children can sit and play. We use small tables for their lesson, and their scheduled activities.

Elementary: Within the “multi-purpose” room we also have tables, a book shelf, a white board, a tv. The room is set up in order to have a lesson time for the whole class, create activity stations at the different tables, and at the end of each class, we provide a snack for all age levels of children in each classroom.


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