The more time you spend  with God, the more you’ll want to become like Him. You’ll discover that He is patient, compassionate, merciful and loving. Who doesn’t want to develop that kind of character?

There are a number of different avenues for you to continue working on embodying God’s character in your everyday life. Depending on where you’re at in your journey, you may find different programs helpful. Whatever path you choose our hope is that you become more and more like Jesus. By signing up for a course, you’re not committing to it forever. Classes range from 4- 8 weeks. If the class schedule is not working for you,  try a different class and meet new people! Of course, if you really love your group you can stay with the same people again!


Once you’ve made the decision to follow Jesus, the next step is to get baptized! 

Being baptized in water is a great illustration of what God has done for us. As we are completely immersed in water we recognize that we’ve made mistakes in the past, but as we are lifted out of the water we declare that our old life is gone! We are a new person because of what God’s done in our life! It’s like washing an old dirty shirt that was once covered in stains but now look clean and brand new again!

Baptism classes are 1 class/week for 4 weeks.

Catch The Vision (Membership Classes):

Now that you attend CFOC, you can apply to become a member! Basically, if you call CFOC your home church, you agree with our statement of faith, are pursuing a relationship with Jesus, and are committed to being a part of the future of this church, you may be eligible for membership!

The intent of membership isn’t to place unnecessary governance structures on something that God intended to be organic and free. The main thing that distinguishes your average churchgoer from a member is the ability to vote at business meetings regarding the finances and  board or director positions. Catch the Vision classes are run bi-annually to communicate the direction and how you can actively participate. The purpose of having a course is three-fold:

1. To give people who desire to join our congregation a basic understanding of our beliefs, golas and vision.

2. To define the basic responsibilities of both the pastor and the congregation.

3. To emphasize to the new church members the importance of joining Ministry of Helps. 

Catch the Vision classes are 1 – 2 classes

Christian Foundations:

If you have questions about life, faith and God, Christian Foundations is a great place to begin. In this course we will explore the basics of the Christian faith,  have conversations about what we believe and why.

Christian Foundations runs in 8 week semesters, 3 times a year.

Wisdom In The Word:

Wisdom in the word is our weekly Bible Study. In this class we go through the book “The Believer’s Authority” by Andrew Wommack. It is a great round table discussion for new and experience Christians.

Wisdom In The Word runs in 2 semesters from September – December, January – June .